APS Journals Production Manager

Position Title: APS Journals Production Manager
Societies: APS
Reports To: VP of Publications

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Are you interested in joining an experienced editorial team working on the top-tier journals in their discipline? Would you be excited to help scientists publish research that directly improves the world food supply? Join the staff of The American Phytopathological Society (APS). We are looking for a production editor to oversee production for our six journals.

Primary Objectives of the Position

The journals production editor is responsible for overseeing the publication quality and ensuring the timely delivery of online and print content for APS’s six scientific journals (three quarterly and three monthly). The journals production editor works directly with a team of 8 to 10 staff, including technical copy editors, an online content quality specialist, and a marketing manager, a graphic designer, as well as contract editors, a manuscript management vendor, an online hosting vendor, and print/composition vendors to ensure our publications are on time and of high quality. The journals production editor position provides an opportunity to work with an experienced team to maximize efficiencies in the workflows of well-established journals that are rated the best in their subject area.




Employee benefits include healthcare insurance, dental, paid vacations, paid holidays, personal holidays, paid sick days, flexible in-office or remote options, and many more.

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